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About Our School

Glenwood Intermediate School is the District’s fifth and sixth-grade attendance center that serves over 728 students.  Our child-centered staff members provide many engaging opportunities that assist our students to achieve their personal best throughout their school careers as well as to establish the foundation for becoming lifelong learners.

Continuous assessment of individual student progress, programs, and resources assist to develop learning goals and strategies for ongoing growth in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  Hands-on, active learning integrating a wide variety of technological tools is an integral part of all areas of the curriculum.  A well-equipped learning center as well as three computer labs within the building provide additional resources and exceptional learning environments at GIS.

A wide array of resources is available to meet the range of academic needs of our students.  Highly qualified special education services provide additional support and resources for students by pull-out or inclusive settings.  Reading specialists assist students through inclusionary settings and small group interventions as well as utilizing coaching models with staff members for school-embedded professional development.  Academic acceleration programs in the areas of math and literacy are in place to meet the needs of academically talented students.  A building-wide enrichment program is also present to build and enhance creative thinking, critical thinking, questioning strategies, and problem-solving skills with the entire student population.

In addition to the core curricular programs, GIS students participate in physical education as well as visual and fine arts programs throughout each week.  Physical education classes focus on gross and fine motor skill acquisition, leading healthy lifestyles, team building, and good sportsmanship.  A variety of materials and methods encourage each child to create to the fullest extent of his or her artistic and musical abilities.  Basic art elements and principles of design are explored in unique and different ways through many types of media.  General music classes emphasize reading, writing, performing, and listening to music of various cultures. Instrumental music exploration is enhanced in 5th grade. Opportunities for developing musical, artistic, leadership, and athletic skills for GIS students are available.  All students may participate in Student Council leadership roles as well as recreational intramural programs throughout the year.  Sixth grade students have additional extra-curricular opportunities including participation in the 6th Grade Chorus, Art Club, and instrumental band.  Small group lessons and concert band participation augment music skills acquired through weekly classes. 

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