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Ball Elementary School Counseling

Kristin Von de Bur, MA, NCC | School Counselor

1015 New City Road

Chatham, IL 62629

(217) 483-2414

A Message from the Counselor:  


I love my job! I often joke that as the school counselor, I get to be like the "cool aunt". I get to teach the kids about fun things like friendship and leadership; I get to help the kids when they are sad or frustrated; I sometimes get to join them at lunch or recess; and then, I get to give them back to their classroom teacher! 


Please check out my web page for information on the classroom guidance lessons your students are participating in with me, videos and information about Titan Council, helpful links for parents and students, monthly newsletters and more! Don't forget to subscribe on the main page to receive email alerts when pertinent information is posted about upcoming events. 


Mrs. Von de Bur's website: 

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