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School Information / Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are Welcome!

Classroom Volunteers

All volunteers are to complete the District Volunteer and Visitor Application prior to assisting in the schools.  A new Volunteer application must be filled out each year.  This is for the safety of our children.   Some teachers utilize parent volunteers in the classroom.  The individual teachers make this decision.  Teachers who desire parent volunteers will notify parents.  The learning centers are always in need of parent volunteers.  Contact the learning center directors if you are available to help.  Volunteers are to check in at the office to receive their visitor badge before going to the classroom.  Our PTO also provides volunteer parents for some activities.

Ball/Chatham/Glenwood Elementary PTO

The Ball-Chatham-Glenwood Parent Teacher Organization (BCG PTO) is a group of volunteers dedicated to bolstering the educational experience at Chatham’s three elementary schools.  The BCG PTO organizes educational projects, acts as the liaison between parents and teachers, and raises funds to support the three schools. YOU are a PTO member by virtue of having a child(ren) enrolled in the schools. The BCG PTO generally meets at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at the Chatham Public Library (child care can be provided with advanced notice). For more information, follow us on Facebook at  or contact us via email anytime at


Reading Buddy Volunteer Program

A volunteer program of parents, grandparents, community members, students or anyone interested in helping children become more confident readers.  Reading Buddy Volunteers meet with their students weekly throughout the year for 20 - 30 minutes.  Volunteers read, listen, and build a wonderful relationship with their students.  If interested, please contact Mrs. Tricia Burke, Principal or call the school at 483-2414.


Kindergarten Academy Reading Intervention Program

A volunteer program in which a trained volunteer will provide 15-20 minutes of focused instruction in the identification of letters and and sounds and word connections that a student has not mastered.  This is excellent opportunity for retired school teachers to put their skills to use with students who are performing below grade.  If interested, please contact the school at 483-2414.

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