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Pick Up - Drop Off Procedures


Students may be dropped off on the East Side of the building beginning at 7:30 a.m. The students will be directed to the commons. Students riding the bus will be dropped off on the West side of the building. 

Parents who need to pick up their child early during the school day for an appointment should call the main office at 483-2424. The student will be given a pass to be released from class early.  Students must sign out in the main office before they may leave. When students return to school from an appointment, they must sign in with the main office. Students will enter and exit through the East side entrance. 

Students who are riding the bus home from school will be picked up West side of the building and transported home. Parents who are picking up their children after school will need to do so on the East side of the building.

Please hang up your cell phone!

Illinois law prohibits drivers from talking on cell phones in school zones.  It is meant to protect drivers and keep our students safe.

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