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Volunteers are Welcome!​

To ensure the safety of our students, all visitors and volunteers must complete the form linked at the bottom of this page. 


The GIS/GMS PTO is a group of volunteers dedicated to bolstering the educational experience at Chatham’s intermediate and middle schools.  The GIS/GMS PTO organizes educational projects, acts as the liaison between parents and teachers, and raises funds to support the schools. YOU are a PTO member by virtue of having a child(ren) enrolled in the schools. Families can follow us on Facebook at GIS GMS PTO  and follow us on twitter @GISGMSPTO.

Titan Troops Special Operations

The Titan Troops program wants to help students by meeting additional needs, particularly those that can have a lasting impact on one’s identity development, self-esteem, and ability to successfully focus on academic endeavors without unnecessary or negative distraction and worry.


These needs may include, but are not limited to the following items: school supplies that need to be replenished, replaced, or
purchased for a class project, clothing/undergarments, shoes, hygiene products, haircuts, equipment that would allow a
student to participate in a sport they otherwise would be unable to, funds to be able to purchase an occasional ala carte item
at lunch, etc. To many adolescents, these needs are routinely taken care of and rarely thought about, but to others, they are
secondary needs that may go unmet when food, shelter, and healthcare are competing priorities. Read more here:


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