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​Our Mission

To ensure all students are life ready by providing high quality education and diverse opportunities.


Values and Beliefs

Core values and beliefs are a small set of guiding principles that have intrinsic importance to the district. These belief statements along with the district mission lay the foundation for setting district goals.


We believe…

  • We believe that students should have a safe place to learn.

  • We believe students should be provided a robust, challenging, effective curriculum to prepare them for success in college and career and for life-long learning.

  • We believe students should have equitable access to resources and opportunities, including support for social-emotional needs.

  • We believe that every student is capable of learning and should be held to a high standard.

  • We believe that each student belongs and is valued for who they are and what they contribute to the group.



We believe…

  • We believe teachers should be student-centered.

  • We believe teachers should be equitably provided the necessary training and resources to be successful.

  • We believe teachers should facilitate unbiased, research-based opportunities for academic excellence.

  • We believe teachers should be provided resources to support their SEL needs.


Community/District Relations

We believe…

  • We believe communication should be open, transparent, and respectful.

  • We believe the district is accountable to taxpayers through responsible stewardship.

  • We believe trust is the foundation of a strong district-community relationship.

  • We believe the district should foster a welcoming climate.

  • We believe the district should develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with businesses and other community organizations.

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