/ Guidance

Glenwood High School Guidance

Glenwood High School's Guidance Department offers information and resources to all students and families in the areas of academics, college, career, and post-secondary planning.  We also assist in issues or concerns with the social / emotional well-being of all students. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Cheryl Mullen, Guidance Counselor / Department Chair

E: cmullen@bcsd5.org

Krista Jackson, Guidance Counselor

E: kjackson@bcsd5.org

Janna Johnson, Guidance Counselor

E: jjohnson@bcsd5.org

Jessica Sampson, Guidance Counselor

E: jsampson@bcsd5.org

Trish Link, Home/School Liaison

E: tlink@bcsd5.org

Ashley Bowman, SAFE Coordinator

E: abowman@bcsd5.org

Julie Nortell-Briggs, Guidance Office Secretary

E: jnortellbriggs@bcsd5.org