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Student and Family Engagement Program


Glenwood High School exists to be an exemplary Illinois high school that fits the needs of all students.  The mission of Glenwood High School’s Student and Family Engagement Program (SAFE) is to identify at-risk students and to intervene or come between whatever is impeding the student’s success and the student.  The U. S. Department of Education defines at-risk students as students who are not experiencing success in school.  At-risk students tend not to participate in school activities and have a minimal identification with the school.  They have disciplinary and truancy problems that lead to school credit problems.  They exhibit impulsive behaviors, and their peer relationships are problematic.  Family problems, drug addiction, pregnancies, and other problems prevent them from participating successfully in school. (U.S. Department of Education, ERIC Digest)   The core team of Glenwood High School’s SAFE is composed of classroom teachers, administrators, counselors, school nurses, resource officers, and the SAFE Coordinator.  SAFE team members attend trainings that focus on reducing barriers to learning that affect a student’s social and academic performance, appropriate identification and referral procedures, and awareness of intervention strategies.  SAP team members meet on a weekly basis to discuss referrals and action plans.  


Student Assistance Groups for the fall semester will begin the first week of October. The groups offered this semester will be Gay-Straight Alliance and Healthy Minds Healthy Lives. Groups will meet Tuesday and Thursday each week. If you are interested in joining a support group, please see or email your school counselor. 


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