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Glenwood Middle School Counseling

A School Counselor: 

  • serves all students

  • includes large and small group counseling

  • incorporates individual counseling

  • works with parents/guardians, teachers, and community

  • advocates for the student at school

  • provides helpful suggestions and support to staff & parents/guardians for student’s needs

  • helps in identifying academic and social/emotional needs of students

  • helps students understand themselves and others

  • provides parental information about community resources that would benefit children

  • organizes career development

Support Services  

The following support services are available to GMS students:

  • CRISIS INTERVENTION - Responsive counseling for students and families facing crises requiring immediate action.

  • INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING - Supportive counseling for students with a wide range of issues such as divorce, death, or loss; low self-esteem, peer and family relationships; and academic issues.  Individual counseling is a confidential relationship in which the counselor meets individually with a student to help him/her resolve or cope constructively with a concern.        

  • GROUP COUNSELING - Group Counseling is utilized in schools to address an array of needs.  Small groups provide students with a safe environment in which to interact with other students with whom they can relate due to common circumstances.  Group opportunities vary from year to year depending on the needs of the student population.  Parents may contact the school counselor for more information.

  • STUDENT OBSERVATIONS & ASSESSMENTS - A counselor can assist in gathering information for academic and medical intervention.  Parents may contact the school counselor for more information.

  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT - The school counselor provides programs for the acquisition of skills, attitudes, and knowledge that enable students to be aware of the relationship between academic achievement and the world of work.  All students have access to provided by the Regional Office of Technical Education (ROTCE). Contact a counselor for login information.​

PBIS Expectations in the Counseling Office​​​​​​​

PBIS Expectations

Character Traits​​

Each month, a new character trait is emphasized. Students listen to announcements about the trait of the month and participate in sharing the character messages to students and staff. The definitions for each character trait are as follows:​

character traits
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