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Dr. Lamon

Office of the Superintendent

November 2022

Embarking on a Course of School Improvement

Since the District’s Strategic Plan is set to expire shortly, it is time to start the process to implement a new plan. During the extensive search to name me as the new superintendent, the Board gathered information from students, staff, and community members. This data was analyzed and reviewed to help drive the Board goals for the new Strategic Plan.


New Board Goals:

  • Goal 1: Work to attract and retain a highly qualified staff and increase staff diversity.

  • Goal 2: Provide equitable opportunities and resources to lessen the achievement gap.

  • Goal 3: Develop and implement district communication plan.

  • Goal 4: Foster cooperative relationships with school and community groups and organizations.

  • Goal 5: Maintain long-term financial stability to meet priorities.

  • Goal 6: Develop and maintain building and infrastructure short and long-range plans.


With those goals established, we will now work backward to complete the Strategic Plan. What does that mean? It means that we will look at the desired end results and work backward to strategically create a plan that provides the district with a road map to move forward.


The key components of our work this year will include:

  • Creating a Portrait of a Graduate - The attributes that we want ALL Ball-Chatham graduates to possess.

  • Creating a Portrait of an Educator - The skills and traits that we want all staff members to display to assist our students in becoming successful in life.

  • Linking the Portraits to the Strategic Plan Goals

  • Creating Strategies to Meet the Strategic Plan Goals


Students, staff, parents/guardians, and community members will have multiple opportunities to assist in these efforts. In the coming weeks, you will receive more information about Town Hall meetings, opportunities to provide input on Thought Exchange, and how to volunteer to be part of the District team.

I look forward to embarking on this journey with all stakeholders.

--Supt. Dr. Becca Lamon

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