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Adopt a Class of 2020 Senior!

Glenwood High School would like to make sure that all of our Seniors are recognized and rewarded in a special way for all that they have accomplished and also endured in the last few months.  We know that this is not the senior year you envisioned nor the one that you deserve, but there is a Springfield area group looking to brighten our Seniors' experience in a special way by bringing them some of their favorite things.  The Facebook Group "Adopt a Springfield Area Class of 2020 Senior" has community members in the Springfield area wanting to spoil all of the Springfield area seniors.  You can read their information in the links in this message.  

We want all of our GHS Seniors to be "adopted" and receive some special treats. We invite you to please fill out the "Favorite Things" form (you can screenshot it and fill it out via Snapchat or another app or use a PDF filler program such as Kami extension for Chromebooks).  Please send your "Favorite Things" form along with a picture or two of yourself back to Ashley Bowman (abowman@bcsd5.org) or Jamie Althoff (jalthoff@bcsd5.org) and we will make sure that you are put into the group and "adopted".  Please have your "Favorite Things" form and your picture(s) sent back to either Mrs. Bowman or Ms. Althoff by Friday, May 15.  We want ALL our GHS Seniors to feel the love of our community!  Finally, if you are a parent or know someone that would be interested in being a part of the group and adopting a senior, please join the Facebook group.  The more the merrier and the more love and gifts to go around!