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Automatic Enrollment in All Kids Program Set to Expire at the End of January

Currently, Illinois is automatically renewing All Kids (Medicaid insurance) enrollment under the COVID Public Health Emergency (PHE) protocol. The PHE is expected to stop at the end of January 2023, at which point renewal notices will resume. It is estimated that more than half of all enrolled children may lose coverage despite remaining eligible, due to families not being aware that they must enroll on their own.

Notices will be sent out, but if families fail to enroll when they receive their notice, they will be dropped from Medicaid regardless if they are eligible or not. If you’re currently enrolled in the All Kids program and you’ve moved, or changed your email address but not updated your contact information with the program, log in here to do so. This will ensure that you receive your renewal notice. You may also call the All Kids Unit at 1-877-805-5312.

The following link is very helpful to answer any questions you may have:


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