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Board Meeting Recap

The Ball-Chatham Board of Education met for an additional meeting at the District Office in Chatham, IL on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

The following is a summation of the items discussed and those that were approved, as well as links to those items in the Board packet.

As this specific meeting lasted less than 10 minutes, Dr. Lamon did not record a recap of the meeting. The entire meeting is available to stream below.


Action: 4.1 Adoption of Consent Personnel Agenda Items

Board Vice President Calderon asked if anyone would like to pull any items from the personnel consent agenda items. None were noted. Board Vice President called for a motion. Phipps moved to approve the Consent Personnel Agenda Items as presented. Upon said motion being seconded by Murphy, the Board Vice President called for a vote. All present board members voted "yes."

The board adopted consent and personnel consent agenda items, which can be found here.


Citizens - Opportunity for Visitors to Address the School Board Concerning Any Topic

-Ryan Armstrong, parent, addressed the board regarding bathroom access and gender identity.

-Steve Bryant, addressed the board as a citizen/parent and read the Illinois law that all Illinois public school districts are required to follow regarding bathroom access and gender identity

Future Board Meeting Dates:

Wednesday, August 23, 2023, 6:30 PM (Open Session) - Regular Board of Education Meeting - District Office


-A link to the entire Board packet can be found here.

-The full meeting video is on the BCSD Youtube channel.


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