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GES Veterans Day of Remembrance November 8

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On Friday, November 8 GES staff and students will celebrate a Veterans Day of Remembrance. The school would like to invite all active duty and retired service personnel, who are friends and family of Glenwood Elementary students, to join them on this special day at one of the following assemblies:

  • Kindergarten- 9:15

  • 1st grade-10:15

  • 2nd grade- 12:30

  • 3rd grade- 1:30

  • 4th grade- 2:30

In addition, the school is looking for a few good men or women (Veterans, or active duty) who would be interested in speaking about their experiences at one of their assemblies in front of an audience of about 200 students and veterans (approximately 10 minutes). If interested, please contact Mary Lou Wisniewski at mlwisniewski@bcsd5.org.

If a GES student will be inviting a service person or veteran to one of the assemblies, please complete the Participation Passport (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzaOMl2QZ6YrR0ZTcTZSX2NpN1hyYURRVHlIaW93VVY0bXVB/view?usp=sharing) and return it to the student’s teacher by October 30 to assist in their planning, or email Mrs. Wiz at mlwisniewski@bcsd5.org. Please let her know if you have any questions.