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GHS Junior Gets Published

Congratulations to Arianna El-Amin. The GHS Junior and varsity tennis player is now a published poet. GHS Librarian Noel Clevenger recently shared with us El-Amin's poem entitled "Shrinking my Curls."

an image of the printed poem with the same text that is repeated in this blog post.

Shrinking My Curls

My black thick hair up in a bun

Most days

Or a side bun

Too scared to wear

It down

Too scared to hear what they thought.

I secretly knew what they thought.

They thought what they saw.

And they saw curls that

Reached my shoulders

And not my back.

Curls that had a

Mind of their own

And not curls

That were paper thin.

My curls gave me strength

The strength I've let so many people

Comment on.

People ask to touch my


People ask me if my strength is real.

My strength is beautiful

and untouchable.


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