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Glenwood HS Yearbook Staff Works to Complete 2020 Yearbook

Yearbook cover

Even though the 2019-20 school year has been disrupted and students won’t be able to participate in many springtime traditions, one part of the year will remain the same: the yearbook. The staff of the GHS Mnemosyne (the Greek goddess of memory) has been striving and recreating in never- before- experienced conditions to complete their yearbook and provide lasting memories of the entire year.

I can't begin to explain how stressful it became knowing that there were whole sections of the book that had been postponed. Other sections didn't have enough photos before the quarantine began. But, we knew that we could work around it. A tremendous amount of our efforts went toward the students, getting them to interact in spirit weeks, forms, sending photos so that we could fill the book. If we could get their opinions or their experiences during this time, then we could fill in the direct effect on whatever was postponed. We also had to modify layouts to fit fewer photos. It was hard to reach out to people and find creative ways to fix it, but we supported one another until we found those solutions,” says sophomore Marissa Verduin, Student Life Editor & Graphic Designer.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many plans for this yearbook staff. Prom, graduation and other senior coverage are still in the air. Much of the activities and spring sports sections will have to be recreated. Staff members worked through these challenges. Co-Editor-in-Chief Cate Conlon, senior, says, “It’s hard to change everything we had planned but as times change we change with it.” Co-Editor-in-Chief Julie Fallone, senior, says, “Despite all of the setbacks, we are all still determined to tell the story in-depth, and create the best book we can. There is no other team of people I would rather take on this challenge with.” Senior Section Editor Danielle Gibson agrees, “Things change. It's hard. Mourn and keep moving on."

“The hardest part has been waiting for decisions to be made from the governor and our district. We were anxious to get planning but are in limbo until decisions are made. I am so proud of the 2020 staff for adapting and pushing through. Their efforts to complete this annual for the students and the community goes above and beyond. Much of education has slowed down; yearbook ramped up!” says Yearbook Adviser Ms. Kaylor. Senior Danielle Gibson adds, "Even though the world is on pause, doesn't mean you have to be."

Regarding the staff and coverage changes, Kaylor says, “Creating new plans, accessing software, files and equipment, and the ability to get photos and responses from people are challenges we are striving to overcome. Students, staff and community we need your help!! Please upload photos using Yearbook SNAP app or at www.yearbookforever.com – the code for both sites is “Titans”. If you run into glitches with these, please email photos to Ms. Kaylor – pkaylor@bcsd5.org.