GMS 8th Grader Receives IPS Student-Leader Award

Maya Tolentino

Maya Tolentino has been recognized by the Illinois Principals Association Abe - Lincoln Region, for her leadership abilities. Each year, area principals are able to nominate one student from the exiting class of their school to celebrate and recognize their outstanding leadership. About Maya, Principal Lehnen said: “Maya is exactly what we look for in a leader. She demonstrates responsibility, dependability, kindness, and academic excellence daily. She is always looking for ways to help others and to contribute to classroom and school projects. Her service and accomplishments during her time at GMS are just a few examples of her leadership. She has volunteered to be a peer mentor, is our County Spelling Bee Champion, and is a member of our Scholastic Bowl Team, the treasurer of the Student Council and the President of Beta Club.” Congratulations Maya!