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Meet Our Glenwood Elementary Teachers

Since we can't all gather this year for our Meet the Staff Night as we normally do, please click on your teachers' or support staff's names to watch their welcome message!

Welcome Message!


Catie Alewelt

Claire Ganci

Natalie Janusick

Alyssa Marconi

Allison McCue

Stephanie Young

First Grade

Jaime Goin

Christine Grupe

Katlyn Krones

Tiffanie Lee

Kimberly Pearce

Dawn Peck

Brandy Solomon

Second Grade

Hannah Henry

Miriam Moore

Mikayla Tanner

Steffani Verduin

Elizabeth Waldman

Third Grade

Hannah Acton

Rachael Ade

Holly Bolen

Kate Franke

Delaney Gebhardt

Jessie Hamrock

Rachel Hickman

Fourth Grade

John Fletcher

Stacy Kuhlmann

Debra Marker

Jen Pecoraro

Melisa Schable


Nathaniel Benanti - Art

Madelyn Draper - Art

Gina Coonrod - Music

Madelyn Gibson - PE

Kelly Settlemoir - Library

Special Education

Lisa Allen

Brittany Bradford

Emily Penick

Erin Perkins

Kaci Smart

Student/Teacher Supports

Ashly Allen - Reading Interventionist/Literacy Specialist (video coming soon!)

Jenna Griffith - Social Worker

Brooke Maynard - Reading Interventionist/Literacy Specialist

Dawn Moulton - Reading Interventionist/Literacy Specialist

Melissa Reed - Instructional Coach

Barb Sherman - School Counselor