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Meet Our Glenwood Intermediate School Teachers

Since we can't all gather this year for our Meet the Staff Night as we normally do, please click on your teachers' or support staff's names to watch their welcome message!

5th Grade

Alison Anderson, 5AN Lindsey  Bedinger, 5BR Kim Cobb, 5CB Adrienne Emmons, 5EN Timothy (TJ) Eubanks, 5ES Kristy Fletcher, 5FL Kathy Hochstein, 5HN Nicole Hochstein, 5HS Kaytlin Johnson, 5JN Amy Juhlin, 5JL Jillian Lewis, 5LS Kelcie Lynch, 5LH Marcie Moran, 5MN Charla Stieren, 5SN / Honors Math 515 Joshua Talley, 5TY Kayleigh Voigtlander, 5VR

6th Grade

Lindsey Batten - Math Michelle Buennemeyer - Science Crystal Day - Language Arts Michele Erickson - Math Kaitlyn Garcia - Math / Language Arts Mike Goin - Social Studies Raphael Hennemann - Science Angie Mahr - Language Arts / Social Studies Terra Martin - Language Arts Shea Moore - Language Arts Tina Root - Language Arts Tina Schrock  - Math 613-614 / Math 615 / Math 715 Corie YowSocial Studies

Special Education

Hannah Baker

Carolyn (CB) Caldwell Tammy Cox Kristy Deckard Carrie Howell Michelle Koster Brandy Lee


Mike Goin - STEAM Tara Hays - Music / Chorus Pam Hogan - Health / Physical Education / Leadership Dennis Marcotte - Band Tina Root - Drama Ed Schable - Health / Physical Education Kristen Wilbern - Art

Student Supports

Kayla Bimm - Psychologist

Jenna Griffin - Social Worker

Keeli Rasche - School Counselor

Lauren Mahan - Speech/Language

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