Meet Our Glenwood Middle School Teachers

Glenwood Middle School

Since we can't all gather this year for our Meet the Staff Night as we normally do, please click on your teacher's name to watch his or her welcome message!

7th Grade

Becky Adams - Language Arts

Kendra BaberSocial Studies

Lisa Bostrom - Math/Language Arts/Science/History

Roxanne Bush - PE/Health

Katelyn Cecil - Language Arts

Carrie Chelbian (GHS) - Science (Virtual)

Jennifer Ferguson - Language Arts

Kendall Gibson - Math

Kari Kath - Math/History/Science

Sarah Leonard - Language Arts

Jennifer Lewis - Language Arts

Kelli Marchizza - Math

Anthony Mattera - Math

Lauren Meneghetti - History

Dana Neumann - Science

Justine Pater - PE/Health

Michael Rigoni - PE/Health

Kira Scherschel - Language Arts

Madisen Tanner - Math/Language Arts/Science/History

Jennifer Vespa - Science

Joshua Voigtlander- PE/Health

Michelle Yeager - Language Arts/Math

8th Grade

Kyle Andrew - History

Lisa Bostrom - Math/Language Arts/Science/History

Melissa Brooks - Science

Meredith Burroughs - Language Arts/Stop, Communicate, & Listen

Roxanne Bush - PE/Health

Chelsea Cox - Math

Jackie Creighton -  Language Arts / History

Meghan Gonzalez - Language Arts

John Hummel -  History

Traci Kimball - Math

Tricia Langheim - Language Arts

David Laub -  Language Arts

Anthony Mattera - Math

Justine Pater - PE/Health

Jeffrey Reid - Science

Michael Rigoni - PE/Health

Christi Ropac (GHS) - Algebra I (Virtual)

Jacob Siebert - Language Arts/History

Joshua Voigtlander- PE/Health

Corinne White - Language Arts/Math

Michelle Yeager - Language Arts


Jamie Althoff (GHS) - Spanish I (Virtual)

Emanuela Bruce (GHS) Spanish I (Virtual)

Meredith Burroughs - Stop, Communicate, & Listen

Steven Callahan - Gateway to Engineering

Amanda Johnson (GHS) - Spanish I (Virtual)

Andrea Kimbro - FaCS of Life

Dennis Marcotte - Band

Elizabeth Reynertson - Dimensions of Art

Michelle Selsor - Gateway to Computer Science

Zoey Zara - Chorus/Crescendo

Student/Teacher Supports

Kayla Bimm - School Psychologist

Erin Lowry - School Social Worker

Alyson Jenkins - School Counselor