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Meet Our New Administrators!

Cynthia Crow

Cynthia Crow, Principal, Chatham Elementary School - Mrs. Cindy Crow has been named Principal at Chatham Elementary School. Mrs. Crow holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Education from Truman State University, and Master’s degree in Educational Administration from William Woods University. In addition, she earned her Superintendent Certification from WIU. In her career, she has served as the Iles Elementary School (Quincy) Principal; Baldwin South Intermediate School (Quincy) Principal; and most recently, at Quincy Jr. High as the Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction.

About her chosen profession, Mrs. Crow says, “Each day for all of us is a chance to make a difference, and a school leader gets the privilege of doing so in a widespread mission field. Loving, learning, and leading with students, their families, and our staffers is an amazing gift for which I’m grateful. It doesn’t hurt that there is a lot of laughing along the way, if we’re doing it right.”

Mrs. Crow acknowledges the challenges that come with the profession of educating students as well: “The greatest challenges often reap the greatest rewards. Creating trusting relationships and open communication requires time and effort, and it allows us to overcome any challenges in our way. Our schools continue to become more diverse and the greatest challenge is helping every stakeholder find their place, use their voice, and determine how they will make a positive impact on our school, community and world. It’s beyond amazing to get to fill the role of steward in this process.”

She is married to Jason, and has two full-grown sons, CJ and Dalton. On her own time, she enjoys traveling the United States in search of the greatest thrill ride. In fact, she is a member of the National Roller Coaster Enthusiast Club! She is also a great lover of all things Christmas. Last year, she participated in the Las Vegas Santa Run where she donned a Santa suit and journeyed through downtown LV with thousands of other Santas. However, some of her favorite memories were from times spent around the card/game table with family and friends. Evenings often find her enjoying her furbabies - Josey and Marty.

Michael Lezon

Michael Lezon, Chatham Elementary School Assistant Principal - Mr. Michael Lezon has been named Assistant Principal at Chatham Elementary School, beginning July 1, 2019. He graduated from Crystal Lake Central High School in Crystal Lake, in 1995 (home of the Tigers). Mr. Lezon holds a graduated in 2001 from North Central College (home of the Cardinals) with a major in elementary education, a minor in mathematics, and another endorsement in the social sciences. He earned his Master’s degree in Educational Leadership in 2005 from the University of St. Francis.

His first job in education was in the Plainfield School District. He was a seventh grade math teacher for five years and served on their district’s math committee in his last year. During this time he also coached high school cross country as well as high school track and field. He has spent the last 13 years in the Rochester School District. During that time he worked as a sixth grade math, science, and social studies teacher, an intermediate school assistant principal for two years, and also served for a time as a co-president of their teacher's union. He also drove a school bus for five years, and coached junior high and high school cross country as well as junior high and high school track and field at different times during his tenure.

About his profession, Mr. Lezon says that he likes having the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. “Whether it's helping a student achieve success in the classroom, helping a student overcome a social and/or emotional challenge or obstacle, or helping staff members realize their impact on children and the difference they are making in children's lives, it's seeing their smiles in those situations that make my day and push me to work harder for more of them.”

Every job has its challenges, and working in education is no different. “The challenges of the educational profession include finances and keeping up with the changes in our ever-changing world,” he says. “Many school districts are strapped with tight budgets and they are faced with a major challenge of putting in place the right amount of support in their schools in all facets so that the staff members and students in those schools can achieve success to their best ability.

“I also feel that change proposes a challenge as well. Our students come into our schools with different likes, different technologies, and different interests over time. As educators we have to acknowledge these changes in our students, embrace these changes, and run with them in our schools. When we do this students will be more engaged in our classrooms, will have more interests in our schools, will take more pride in our schools, and thus will achieve more success. Placing myself in a student's shoes I can only imagine that I am going to like and enjoy school more when I am learning by doing the things that I like to do to help me learn.”

Mr. Lezon is married to Sarah, and have a daughter, Savannah.