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Prices increasing on certain a la carte items at GMS & GHS

The Ball-Chatham School District has been notified by its food distributor of significant price increases (on the wholesale side) on some a la carte items that we offer students at GMS and GHS, as well as food items for staff. Thus, expect to see some price increases beginning in January 2023, however the District will be working to keep these to a minimum. Here are details you need to know:

  • Any pricing increases affecting students will be limited, and focused only on items where costs have significantly increased. Student a la carte price increases will not be an across the board increase on all items.

  • When and where possible, more affordable alternatives will be ordered to avoid price increases. In some cases, rather than increasing prices, products may be discontinued and no longer sold due to excessive cost increases.

  • Serving and portion sizes of certain a la carte items may also be adjusted when appropriate or allowable to avoid price increases.

  • The price increases for students will only apply to certain a la carte items at GMS and GHS. They do not affect the student breakfast and lunch complete meal prices at the elementary, intermediate, and middle schools.

For questions or more information, contact Food Service Director Chad Martel at


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