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September 28, 2022 Board Meeting Recap

The Ball-Chatham Board of Education met for its regularly scheduled meeting at the District Office in Chatham, Ill. on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

The following is a summary of the items discussed and those that were approved, as well as links to those items in the Board packet.


FY23 Budget Hearing and Budget Approval - CSBO Charlotte Montgomery, noted that there were no changes from the FY23 Tentative Budget Presentation made last month (August 24, 2022). Ms. Montgomery answered any questions from the board. Afterwhich, the Board President called for a motion to close the budget hearing, and the Board voted 7-0 to approve the budget as presented. Click here for a link to the Budget Presentation from August 24, 2022.


Kids Heart Challenge - Catherine Henebry, Local Youth Director for the American Heart Association, present Certificates of Appreciation for our elementary schools’ participating in the 21/22 Kids Heart Challenge. Kids Heart Challenge is a service-learning program that supports whole body health to help students learn how to make choices to prevent heart disease for life. Engaging in regular physical activity, eating a heart-healthy diet and avoiding tobacco are important to wellness and mental health. This was an informational item only.

BCEF Presentation - Supt. Dr. Lamon thanked the Ball-Chatham Education Foundation for their generous donation of $60,000 at the Friday, September 9, 2022 football game. This money will be used to further support the development of the STEAM labs.

Citizens - Opportunity for Visitors to Address the School Board Concerning any Agenda Topic - None were noted.


Business Office - CSBO Charlotte Montgomery provided a report to the Board on functions within the Business Office. This was an informational item only.

FY22 Audit Presentation - Mack & Associates presented (virtually) the FY22 Audit Report to the Board. Ms. kate Moulton from Mack & Associates, noted that there were no audit findings, material weaknesses, and no instances of non-compliance. Ms. Pope also noted the outstanding controls in the District fiscal policies and the oversight is excellent. The Board voted (7-0) to approve the Audit Report as presented.


All members of the Board voted to approve the Consent items, which can be found at here.


All members of the Board voted to approve the Personnel Consent items which can be found here.


2022-23 Insurance Renewal - Supt. Dr. Lamon reviewed the proposal for renewed insurance rates, as well as an additional insurance proposal for critical illnesses and accidents. She noted that, due to the District’s loss rate being high, most companies would not bid on our renewal. Thus, we are recommending to stay with United Healthcare, but under a new plan. There will still be four options for coverage, but rates are expected to increase approximately 7% (3-4% was offset by the Board dollar increase, or the rate increase would have been 10-12%). Eight prescription drugs will no longer be covered, and 21 prescription drugs will be more expensive. All employees will have new options for Critical Care and Accident Supplemental Plans. Finally, she noted that meetings will be held in each school/building to share more information and details. After discussion, American Central Insurance representative, Jeremy Travelstead, took questions from the Board. The insurance renewal was approved 7-0 as presented.

Approve School Maintenance Project Grant - The administration recommended that the BOE approve for submission to Illinois State Board of Education for School Maintenance Grant in the amount $50,000. ISBE required formal BOE approval as part of the grant application process. The District has received these grant monies in FY22, FY 20, FY14 and FY12. Monies have been made available again for this initiative. The grant requires 1:1 matching dollars. The Board approved the School Maintenance Project Grant (7-0) as presented.

Purchase of Driver’s Education Vehicle - Chief School Business Official Charlotte Montgomery shared with the Board the vehicle specifications presented for approval to support the Driver’s Education curriculum. The selection was based on overall pricing, product availability and meeting the overall bid requirements listed in the RFP. The District received one bid, from Green Toyota, for $31,684.24. The Board approved the purchase of the new Driver’s Education vehicle (7-0), as presented.

Enrollment - Superintendent Dr. Lamon presented the 6th day enrollment information from the last 12 years. Enrollment remained steady this year, with total enrollment of 4,664 students onsite, and 42 students offsite. This was an informational item only.


Future Board Meeting Dates / Dates for 2022/23SY

  • October 5, 2022 - Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting (4 p.m.)

  • October 18, 2022 - Finance Committee Meeting (4 p.m.)

  • October 26, 2022 - Regular Board Meeting (6:30 p.m.)

Citizens - Opportunity for Visitors to Address the School Board Concerning any Topic - None were noted.


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