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#SpeakUpForSchoolSafety Week at GHS

During the week of November 18, students were reminded to do their part to help keep their school safe. They were encouraged to speak up about any concerns that threaten our safety. Even though school safety was highlighted this week, the importance for all staff and students to be on the lookout for warning signs and for ways to keep our school safe will continue throughout every day of every school year. Activities included:

  • Students signing a banner, pledging to keep their school safe; a manned table in the commons during all lunch hours with a box for questions for the GHS Security Staff, an ideas jar to keep school safe, and literature about warning signs, coping skills, etc.

  • School SRO and retired Master Sgt. for the Illinois State Police, Diane Vanderkooy, presented on self defense during gym classes.

  • Nonviolence Essay Contest: writings must focus on the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Safety announcements and reminders from the GHS Security Team each morning during announcements.

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