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Specifics on Backpacks for 2019-20

In lieu of carrying a backpack to classes, students will be allowed to carry a trapper keeper. The size shall be limited to the size of a notebook (11 ½ inches by 8 ½ inches) and cannot expand beyond four inches.

Students may carry a pencil case, but no purses will be allowed.

All special circumstances will be handled case by case. These may include medical issues, personal hygiene issues, and other special circumstances.

Athletic equipment for a given sport must be kept in the athlete's vehicle until after school or when leaving early for an event. Athletes who do not drive will be designated an area to store their equipment. It will be the responsibility of the athletic department or team coach for identifying the storage area.

GHS band members have to leave their instruments in their vehicle or store them in a safe are designated by the band director.