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State Board of Education Releases New School Reopening Guidance

On June 23, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) released Part 3 guidance detailing recommendations for resuming instruction in the fall. This guidance is serving as a cornerstone of the school reopening planning currently being undertaken by the district’s Reopening Committee. The state is recommending every effort be made to resume in-person instruction this upcoming school year. It is Ball-Chatham's intent to open schools, as long as we can do so safely by meeting the guidelines published by ISBE/IDPH. Here is a link to the state's complete document available for review now.

This guidance was released to the public and to districts at the same time, so our committee members are reviewing every measure needed to ensure a safe learning environment for our students. We don’t have answers to every question you may have right now, but we will be sure to communicate with you further as the plan is developed.

We are working hard to do what’s best for our students and our community, and appreciate you working with us to make a possible return to the classroom the safest it can be for our students.