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We’re kicking off our school’s Kids Heart Challenge event

An image of the six colorful dragon and creature keychain gifts available through this Heart challenge.
Heart Hero Awards

Join us in learning about heart health and raising funds to protect all hearts – especially other kids’! Through fun activities we’ll discover ways to take care of our hearts and brains while practicing kindness, gratitude and learning ways to de-stress. Plus, we have the chance to earn PE equipment for our school!

Visit or download the Kids Heart Challenge App or visit to register and participate.

Complete FINN’S MISSION in your Headquarters, where you and your family can learn about Hands-Only CPR and help us create a community of lifesavers! Earn Finn’s Lifesaver Award when you complete all 8 challenges.

Start collecting your Heart Heroes! Check out all the fun Thank You Gifts you can earn HERE.

Be the Torch Heart Heroes Logo with colorful dragons and creatures
Be the Torch Heart Heroes Logo

Your family is an important part of our school’s Kids Heart Challenge team. Together, our efforts will help the American Heart Association save lives.


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