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About Our School

As one of six schools within the Ball-Chatham School District, Glenwood Elementary School serves grades Kindergarten - 4th. The school’s enrollment is around 586 students each year, with six sections of Kindergarten, five sections of 1st grade, six sections of 2nd grade, five sections of 3rd grade, and six sections of 4th grade.  Regular education classrooms are self-contained with an average of 22 students per classroom.


Ball-Chatham Pre-K and Early Childhood students are served at Ball Elementary, which annually enrolls approximately 117 students.

Glenwood Elementary has special education programs available for all students who qualify for services. Students in the regular education program are provided with support from our special reading teachers. Reading recovery is taught to students who have been identified as needing extra help in first grade, and our Read-to-Achieve program is used with students in second and third grades. With input from teachers, building administrators place students according to their individual needs in order to maximize the potential of each child and to create balanced positive classroom environments.