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/School Information / Pick Up / Drop Off Procedures

Pick Up / Drop Off Procedures

  • When picking up your student at Glenwood Elementary School, please use the northbound road extension parallel to Glenwood High School. The far-right lane will be the only lane open during student pick-up times. Please be alert to all signage, orange cones, and traffic guides. 

  • Parents picking up their children at school must use the drive-up lane and remain in their car. 

  • Students will be exiting the gym for pick-up at 2:30 p.m. on regular dismissal days (1:30 p.m. on Early Release Wednesdays) and 10:45 a.m. on half days. Supervision will be provided to safely guide the students with this process. Supervisors follow established safety procedures. 

  • Parents that need to walk their students to their cars must follow these safety procedures: 

    • Park in a designated parking space 

    • Wait at the flagpole for a staff member to obtain your child’s name 

    • Remain at the flagpole until a staff member brings your child to you at the flagpole. For the safety of all students, please keep the sidewalk clear. 

  • Please use the “car visor sign” to inform supervisors of your rider. Signs are provided in the office. 

  • Please Minimize Transportation Changes

  • Parents that have the occasional schedule change need to send a note to school to communicate changes. Because all notes will go to the office, please put the teacher’s name and student’s full name on the note.

  • The school must be informed in writing if a student is riding a different bus.  Bus changes for the day must be approved by the office prior to a student boarding a bus that he/she does not normally ride.  Otherwise, students are to ride their regular bus and depart the bus at their assigned stop.  In case of emergency, parents may call the office for bus changes before 1:30 p.m.

  • Please inform the office and teacher if there are persons who are not allowed to pick up your child.  Pertinent custody documents must be kept on file in the child’s school record. 

Please hang up your cell phone!

Illinois law prohibits drivers from talking on cell phones in school zones.  This prohibition is meant to protect drivers and keep our students safe.