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Registration is Open for Glenwood Summer Sports Camps

The Glenwood Summer Sports Camps are designated to give boys and girls of all levels, beginners to advanced, the opportunity to develop their individual skills under the guidance and direction of the Glenwood High School Coaching Staff.

Each camp will emphasize basic techniques, fundamental skills and physical fitness. More importantly, the Summer Camps strive to develop interest and enthusiasm for sports and athletics.

An overview of each camp offered through Glenwood Athletics is included in this brochure. The camps will be led by experienced high school coaches, and assisted by collegiate and high school athletes. 

The specific ages listed for each camp are according to the grade the child will enter in the Fall of 2024.

Please complete the online registration form and sign the waiver to allow your child to participate. Participation is not limited to students in the Ball-Chatham School District.

Camps will provide t-shirts for participants that register at least two weeks prior to the start of their camp.



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