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School year 2018-19 was the first year of the 1:1 Chromebook initiative where students were allowed to take their Chromebooks home. Since one of the major decisions regarding Chromebooks is what to do with them at the end of the school year, the District believed it prudent to survey surrounding districts on their process. Ball-Chatham is unique in this area because of our size. Smaller districts collect devices. However the majority of the larger districts - especially north - allow students to keep their devices all year. 


Given this information, it was decided to pilot having students in grades 6, and 8-11 keep their Chromebooks over the summer, while collecting them from students in grades 5, 7, and 12. If the District feels that having Chromebooks stay with students through the summer works well, it will consider allowing all students who are 1:1 keep them the following summer. Please note that inappropriate sites will still be blocked on those devices while at home. 


Students who keep their Chromebooks through the summer will be expected to bring them back at the start of the upcoming school year. If a student moves out of the District, he or she will need to return the device to the District Office (201 W. Mulberry in Chatham).


If a student has technology issues, the district technology department works through the summer, and can be reached to help if needed. Josh Mulvaney, Director of Technology, can be reached at the contact information below.


Annual Technology Fee - Grades K-12

  • $40 (waived for those who qualify for free lunches)

Replacement Fees if Chromebooks are Lost or Broken - Grades 5-12

  • Full Replacement - $250

  • Motherboard - $100

  • Keyboard/Palmrest (includes trackpad), battery - $45

  • Top Cover - $40

  • LCD Display, AC Power Adapter (brick & cord) - $40

  • Bottom Cover - $30

  • AC Power Cord Only, DC Jack, Camera, Hinges - $10

  • Carrying Case - $30


Q: Is the Technology Fee $40 for all grade levels?
A: Yes, the Technology Fee applies to all students, grades K-12.

Q: Will the Tech Fee be waived for those who qualify for Free Lunch?
A: Yes, students who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch will have the Tech Fee waived.


Q: Will Replacement Fees be waived for those on Free Lunch?
A: No. All students regardless of F/R status will be responsible for the replacement fees in the event the Chromebook and/or Chromebook Carrying Case is lost or broken.


Q: When will students (in grades 5-12) receive their Chromebooks and carrying cases?
A: At the beginning of school when they receive their textbooks. Students in grades 1-4 will be assigned their classroom Chromebook at this time as well.


Q: What happens during winter/spring break, holidays, and throughout the summer? Will Chromebooks have to be turned in before these breaks and at the end of the year, or will they stay with the student?
A: Chromebooks and their carrying cases will be allowed to go home during winter/spring breaks and holidays, but will be turned in on the last day of school before summer break.


Q: Will the same Chromebook stay with each student through their academic career here, or will it be swapped out for a new one every few years? If swapped out, how many years exactly?
A: The entire Chromebook fleet will be rotated out every three years. During the three years, the District will do its best to ensure the same Chromebook is issued to the same student.


Q: If a Chromebook is not working correctly, who determines what the issue is (i.e. if one needs a total replacement, or just a motherboard replacement, etc.), and whether it’s just a software issue or one due to accidental damage or negligence?
A: Occasionally, unexpected problems do occur with Chromebooks that are not the fault of the user (computer crashes, software errors, etc.).  The BCSD5 Technology Department will assist students with having these fixed. These issues will be remedied at no cost to the students assuming there was no misuse of the device. Accidental Damage vs. Negligence: Accidents do happen, but there is a difference between an accident and negligence.  After investigation by school administration in conjunction with the Technology Department, if the device is deemed to be intentionally or negligently damaged by the student, the student may be subject to discipline and the cost of repair or replacement. Utmost care should be taken at all times. Even IF a student accidentally damages a device he/she may be held responsible for costs.


Q: Will any Repair/Replacement Fees need to be paid before work is done on the device? If so, how and to whom?
A: Yes. The cost of repair or replacement at the date of loss is the responsibility of the parent/guardian/student. Fees should be turned into building financial secretaries.


Q: Will students have loaners if their Chromebooks are damaged and in need of repair/replacement?  Will the loaners be allowed to go home with them, or do they have to stay at school?
A: A limited number of loaners will be available to be used in a classroom only. A long-term loaner may be issued and be sent home if a student's device malfunctioned and is being repaired. However, students are limited on the amount of time a loaner will be available, and will assume all liability for the issued loaner until returned. See Technology Student Guidelines for details.


Q: If a student forgets or loses his/her Chromebook, will there be a loaner available, and if so, for how long? Will the loaner Chromebook be allowed to go home with the student, or does it have to stay at school?
A: No long-term loaners will be issued for lost/stolen devices. Classroom loaners may be used until the Repair/Replacement Fee is paid. However, students will be limited on the amount of time a loaner will be available. See Technology Student Guidelines for details.


Q: How will Chromebooks be monitored for appropriate apps or content?
A: See Technology Student Guidelines for answer.


Q: What if a family doesn't want or need their own Chromebook - do they still have to pay the $40 Tech Fee?
A: Yes, all students in grades K-12 will be charged a Technology Fee at the time of registration. This fee not only covers Chromebooks, but the many other costs associated with maintaining a technology- infused learning environment. Students will not have the option to use a personal device at school.


Q: To be clear, students do not own the Chromebook assigned to them at the beginning of the year?
A. Correct - These are leased devices. They will remain property of the Ball-Chatham School District. They are not student owned. These devices should be treated just like a textbook - no defacing or vandalism should be done to the device or case.


Q: Will students be able to use their own carrying cases instead of the District assigned one?
A: No. Student Chromebooks should always remain in the District issued protective case even when in use. Chromebooks should also be fully charged at home on a nightly basis.


Q: Will there be any sort of insurance a family can buy on the Chromebook offered through the school district?
A: No, not at this time.


Director of Technology

Mr. Josh Mulvaney

Address: 525 S. College St., Chatham, IL 62629    

P: 217.483.2411 | F:217.483.5270 | E:

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