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A Glenwood Titan Student-Athlete is...

A person of incredible character, selfless dedication, and relentless determination.


Athletics Mission Statement

Glenwood athletics will provide a platform for developing student-athletes into successful adults. Our programs will prepare students physically and mentally for the rigors of athletic competition; teach athletes to learn from successes and failures; prepare them to work together towards common goals; and challenge them to commit to the hard work, dedication, and responsibilities needed to sustain a balanced, successful life.


Athletics Vision Statement

Glenwood athletic teams will successfully balance the academic and athletic demands of student-athletes. Our student-athletes will maintain high academic standards and conduct themselves with high character and respect for others. Our programs will routinely strive to maximize their competitive successes against all competition. We will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat, always learning and improving.


Philosophy of our Education-Based Athletic Programs

Interscholastic athletics is an integral part of the student experience. Participation in athletics provides students with an unrivaled opportunity to develop life skills such as a strong work ethic, discipline, dedication, teamwork, collaboration, unselfishness, leadership, time management, and how to respond to failures and successes. Winning is an important part of our athletic programs, but only to the extent that it enhances the development of our student-athletes. In addition to developing fundamental skills and knowledge of their sports, our programs are designed to contribute to the student-athlete’s physical and mental health and maturity, as well as foster high character and moral values. Participation in athletics is a privilege offered to our students; one that comes with their willingness to accept the responsibilities that are associated with being part of our programs.


The 2019-20 Glenwood Athletic Department consisted of 118 coaches (53 paid and 29 volunteers at the high school and 32 paid and 4 volunteer middle school coaching positions), one athletic trainer provided through Springfield Clinic Sports Medicine, one athletics secretary, and one director of athletics.


During the 2019-20 school year, our high school and middle school programs competed in approximately 898 contests (GHS – 653, GMS – 245). Of these contests, roughly 360 were home contests (GHS – 241, GMS – 119). This year we hosted 11 post-season contests: four IHSA regionals/sectionals/playoffs, seven IESA regionals/sectionals. 


Highlights and specifics for Glenwood High School include:

  • 23 varsity sports offered; 43 separate levels

  • 34 boys (45%) and 225 girls (32%) participated in athletics

  • Five varsity sports won CS8 championships

  • 1st place in the CS8 All-Activity Award competition

  • Four regional championships

  • One playoff semifinal appearance

  • One sectional championship

  • Multiple team & individual State qualifiers

  • GHS gate receipts for 2019-20 were $8,559


Highlights and specifics for Glenwood Intermediate School and Glenwood Middle School include:

  • 445 students participated in sports in 209-20: 225 boys and 220 girls sports offered

  • Two State championships: Softball & Girls Cross Country

  • Three regional championships

  • Two sectional championships  

  • Multiple individual State qualifiers

  • GMS gate receipts for 2019-20 were $4,447

Director of Athletics (GHS) & Title IX Coordinator

Mr. Dusty Burk
Address: 1501 E. Plummer Blvd., Chatham, IL 62629
P: 217.483.2424 ext. 5 | F: 217.483.5402 | E:​​

Director of Athletics (GMS) & Asst. Principal (GHS)

Mr. Brad Kyes

Address: 595 Chatham Rd., Chatham, IL 62629

P: 217.483.2481 | F: 217.483.4940 | E:

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