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Food Service

Ball-Chatham School District's Elementary, Intermediate and Middle Schools participate in the School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs which are governed by the United States Department of Agriculture.  These programs require schools to offer low-fat or skim milks, quality proteins, whole grain rich products, fruits, and a variety of vegetables. 

Glenwood High School provides a variety of food and beverage options for both breakfast and lunch meal services.  The high school is an a la carte based menu featuring daily specials, set menu items, a variety of fruit choices, and a salad bar option. 

All households in the Ball Chatham School District are encouraged to apply for meal benefits.  Households may be eligible for Free or Reduced-Price ($.30 for breakfast and $.40 for lunch) meal benefits based on income, household size, homeless or foster child status, or by having current eligibility for SNAP, TANF or income eligible Medicaid.  Please click on the How to Apply for Meal Benefits link on the left for instructions.



To enhance our student's education by providing nutritious food choices.


Provide an environment that encourages students to broaden their food knowledge and assist them in making lifelong healthy food choices.


  • Continually updated food choices to reflect student food preferences

  • Greater interaction between food service staff and students

  • Create a food service environment that allows meal service to become learning opportunities about foods and nutrition

  • Support the School Nutrition Association’s mission of committing to advancing the quality of school meal programs through education and advocacy

  • Ensure efficient use of time, food, and financial resources

  • Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations

Director of Food Service

Mr. Chad Martel

Address: 1501 E. Plummer Blvd., Chatham, IL 62629

P: 217-483-2424, ext. 2301| E:

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