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Strategic Plan

About This Plan

This Strategic Plan was developed with input from the BCSD Board of Education, the administration, the certified and non-certified staff, students and parents/guardians.  Input was provided at in-person meeting with the Strategic Planning Committee and town hall meetings, and using numerous surveys of all stakeholders.

The plan was finalized in the summer of 2023.  The plan highlights the work that the district will engage in on a path of continuous improvement.  The plan will never sunset and will be reviewed annually for the progress made in each goal area.  New items or focuses will be added as they are identified.

The Ball-Chatham School District Strategic Plan can be viewed here.


Special Thanks to the Strategic Planning Committee


Autumn Bowers - Parent/Community Member

Jacob Briggs  - Student

Tricia Burke - Principal

Laura Calderon - Board Member

Lindsay Cook - Staff Member

Neveska Delgado - Parent/Community Member

Kristy Doan - Parent/Community Member

Jen Farnsworth - Assistant Superintendent

John Freml - Parent/Community Member

Riley Garrett - Student

Brett Gerger - Parent/Community Member

Jacob Giacomini - Student

Ryan Green - Principal

Jessica Heath - Staff Member

Hallie Koenig - Staff Member

Becca Lamon - Superintendent

Tricia Langheim - Staff Member

Dustin Large - Parent/Community Member

Julie McAllister - Staff Member

Megan Moore - Parent/Community Member

Cheona Murphy - Parent/Community Member

Ryan Murphy - Board Member

Kim Pearce - Parent/Community Member

Peggy Pratt - Staff Member

Alex Rappe - Staff Member

Andrea Rediger - Board Member

Vanessa Ross - Parent/Community Member

Tiffani Saunders - Board Member

Betsy Schroeder - Parent/Community Member

Ann Strahle - Board Member

Maya Tolentino - Student

Angela Try - Parent/Community Member

Diane VanderKoy - Staff Member

Rebecca Velazquez - Parent/Community Member

Evelyn Vinzant - Student

Mia Warren - Student

Dawn Williams - Staff Member

Jadon Williamson - Student

Jesse Winter - Parent/Community Member

Camdyn Wood-Morris - Student

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