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Our Students Make it Happen!

The Ball-Chatham School District, together with the community, develops the unique potential of each student by providing quality, challenging, and engaging opportunities that establish a foundation for lifelong success and positive contributions to society. Please see the links below for useful resources.

Ebook Subscription Now Available!

There is now an ebook subscription for the entire district called Axis 360.  It can be accessed by the links below or by a phone app called Asix 360.   Below are the links for each school (Middle school and Intermediate will share and all elementary share a link).  Students will need their Google ID and Google Password to access the service.  It is for eBooks and Audiobooks. 


Middle School and Glenwood Intermediate School (titles can be middle school levels and themes)

Your Axis 360 Digital Media Library is accessed via this URL:

For Elementary Students


Research Databases


Citation Creators

GMS Library Link

Social-Emotional Resources

Tutor Bank


  • Cyberbullying Help

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